Path hole in koramangala is the major reason for accidents

Many roads in the city are filled with potholes.

“BBMP has again neglected the inner areas of Bengaluru in its pothole-filling drive. It is a shame that after so many promises and deadlines, people are still suffering. I live 1km away from the Koramangala the area still has many potholes, waiting to cause a severe accident. In other areas, the potholes are not even filled by stone jelly but Citizens face major problem by travelling in ejipura Koramangal 100 feet road junction a auto man who spoke to Vijaya chronicle said that some areas in the city have multiple potholes in just a small stretch of road. This makes driving through these roads extremely inconvenient for commuters — even after several complaints, no action has been taken by the BBMP, he said.

“Around  ejipura , there are more than 40 plus potholes that have been neglected. Even if you go to prime locations in the city such as Koramangala or Indiranagar, one can spot several potholes. In places where the BBMP has taken up repairs, the work has been done in such a shoddy manner

Ankith Reddy

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